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Rifles & Hunting Firearms

At our shop, we carry unique products at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one istested and checked with great care and a strong attention to detail.


Mossberg 835 12ga $612.99
Savage 320 12 Gauge with pistol grip $549.99
Stevens 320 12 Gauge $259.99
Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Tactical with Ford Grip Light$499.99
Baikal MP18 20 Gauge Single Shot $189.99
Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge with Synthetic Stock$399.99


Henry Repeating Arms

US Survival Rifle. .22cal, this gun was made to fit in the stock of the gun, it is water proof, and floats.



Harrington & Richardson SS1 Rifle

Break-Action, polymer stock, .22mag $199.99




Mossberg 702

.22cal, with extended magazine.




Savage 110  7mm mag



Mossberg 702

Duck Commander Willy edition. .22cal, camouflage polymer stock, with small magazine.$289.99


Ruger 10-22

.22cal, polymer stock $319.99




Ruger 10-22

.22cal, wood stock with green finish.$339.99


Citadel M1

.22cal, polymer stock, with adjustable back sight. $329.99




Mossberg 702 Planker Duck Commander Edition$289.99
Rossi Rio Grande 45/70 $499.99


.22cal,  American Tactical, ploymer stock, 22 round magazine.$449.99



.22cal, American Tactical, polymer stock,22 round magazine.$449.99




Marlin XS7 .243 Bolt Action with Scope$389.99
Hi-point 40cal $319.99
Century Arms Ak 7.62-39 $699.99
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