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At our shop, we carry unique products  at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, we take great care and pay strong attention to detail when selecting items.


Honner Harmonica Set

7 peice harmonica set with carry case.


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AKG Microphone

AKG microphone D8000 M comes with cord.


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In Stock



DOD pedal

DOD foot pedal Grunge




Digitech pedal

Digitech foot pedal Tone Driver Overdrive




Ibanez pedal

Ibanez foot pedal TS9 Tube Screamer




Boss Pedal

Boss foot pedal Loop Station RC-2



Sabine pedal

Sabine foot pedal Stereo Chorus NEX-5300




Delta Lab

Delta Lab clip on tuner




Martin Guitar Strings

Martin Acoustic Light SP Guitar Strings


In Stock



Martin Heading

Martin Acoustic SP Light Guitar Strings


In Stock



Musician's Gear Strings

Musician's Gear Acoustic Guitar Strings


In Stock



Martin Strings

Martin Acoustic SP Guitar stings Custom Light


In Stock



Musician's Gear strings

Musician's Gear Electric Guitar Strings


In Stock



Guitar Strap

Ernie Ball Guitar Strap


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Ernie Ball Strings

Ernie Ball Acoustic Light Guitar Strings


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Guitar Cords

Guitar cords 10ft




Guitar Wall Hanger

Fret Rest Guitar wall hanger.


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